About The Employment Group

The number one staffing platform for specialists

As an innovative staffing platform, TEG works for the future of specialised companies. TEG's ambition is to help these highly specialised companies grow and become market leader in their segment. In addition, the number of companies is also being expended in order to serve the entire market for (technical) professionals and craftsmen.

How do we make our companies' ambitions become reality?

By keeping companies independent, entrepreneurship remains key. TEG facilitates the growth of these companies. We do that by focussing on culture, entrepreneurship, laws and regulations, IT and innovation. Based on best practices, we work on efficiently structuring processes and striving for optimal co-operation between all companies and disciplines. This allows the companies to focus on making a difference on a personal level. This is a requirement for success in our business.

Different companies

What are the advantages for TEG in working with different companies?

  • Specialised knowledge of the segment regarding candidates, clients and roles
  • A clear and recognisable proposition for candidates and clients
  • Connecting with candidates and clients more easily
  • Room for entrepreneurship

TEG as innovative platform

What are the advantages for the companies who use TEG as an innovative platform?

  • Benefit from partnership agreements (cross-selling) with clients
  • Advantages related to investments in e.g. IT solutions and innovation
  • Attract more talent
  • High level of knowledge (for instance about compliance, recruitment, marketing)

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